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Carrefour Capital’s mission is to promote economic growth by giving entrepreneurs, investors and relievers a database that can meet their need for capital or enable them to search for business projects.


To successfully carry out a start-up or expansion phase, a company must have access to funding. Conventional lenders like banks are looking for minimum risk and maximum guarantees. This type of requirement is hard for many companies to meet, especially when their activities are based on knowledge and new technology.

Venture capital can come from two sources: institutional funds and private investors. Sources in the first group are reluctant to become involved alone, thus opening up opportunities for those in the second group. Angels or “informal investors” can provide the desired capital and also the skills necessary to a company’s success. However, they are not well known, because they are not large enough to be able to promote their services.

Carrefour Capital ® was designed to permit better management of the supply and demand of private venture capital, to help job-creating companies.


1. Investors and business projects register free of charge; the person concerned can register by completing the appropriate form (see main menu). Once you have completed this step, you can be assigned a password.

2. The registration form is then sent to the regional administrator for the region in which the city or municipality indicated on the form is located.

3. The gatekeeper must then contact a person who has completed a registration record within three working days. He is responsible for validating the record in order to control its dissemination in the Carrefour Capital ® databases. He acts as representative, and guarantees that the registrations are credible. Obviously his role is crucial in maintaining the confidentiality surrounding the entire information transmission and dissemination process.

4. Once registered, an investor or entrepreneur can identify and select potential partners and access detailed profiles, though these contain no confidential data.

5. An investor or entrepreneur who indicates an interest in a potential partner will receive a call from the appropriate regional administrator, to begin initial discussions about the possibility of a linkage

Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur or reliever, we suggest that you register with the database and take advantage of this tool, which for the moment is completely free.

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Registered gatekeepers :19
Number of private investors registered :303
Value of available investments :933,241,706$
Number of businesses registered :1080
Number of venture capitalists :48
Total funding available :1,427,932,792$

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