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Frequently Asked Questions about Capital Connexion

Q: What does it cost to register as an investor or entrepreneur ?
A: There is no charge to investors or entrepreneurs. The development costs have been covered by Industry Canada’s Canada Community Investment Plan. Maintenance, updating and promotion costs are shared among the local economic development organizations certified as gatekeepers.

Q: How can I register as an investor or entrepreneur ?
A: Consult the “Entrepreneur services” or “Investor services” sections for the procedure.

Q: When will my record be posted on the site ?
A: Once the application for registration has been submitted, you will receive a call from the gatekeeper for your home territory within three working days. He will validate your information and authorize Carrefour Capital to disseminate the non-confidential information

Q: How long will my record remain on the site ?
A: As long as you wish. You can remove it directly whenever you like, using your password.

Q: How can I view my personal record on the site ?
A: There are two ways: you can either consult the database or use the "Amend your record" section, accessed using your password.

Q: When I search for entrepreneur or investor records, in what order are they displayed on the screen ?
A: They are updated continuously. Information is displayed as soon as validation is completed by the regional administrator.

Q: How often are the databases updated ?
A: On présente d’abord les fiches correspondant à votre région. Elles sont présentées en ordre séquentiel, soit en ordre de numéro de fiche.

Q: If I lose my password, what must I do ?
A: You can recover it by completing this form if you provided your E-mail address when you registered. If you did not, please contact the regional administrator in charge of your registration.

Q: How can I be sure that the regional administrator has received my application ?
A: Write down the person’s name and address. Wait at least four working days. If he has not called you by then, contact him to make sure that the registration procedure is proceeding properly.

Q: Can a regional administrator reject my application for registration ?
A: Yes. The gatekeeper is responsible for checking the quality of applications. If he judges that the business opportunity is not credible, or that the project does not contain enough information to meet the investors’ standards, he must reject the validation.

Q: What is a gatekeeper ?
A: It is an economic development organization that has exclusive responsibility, for the territory it occupies, for the validation process and for access to the confidential data on entrepreneurs and investors.

Q: What is an RCM ?
A: A Regional County Municipality, or an agglomeration of municipalities in Quebec. Quebec is divided into 17 administrative regions, with over a hundred RCMs containing some 1000 municipalities.

Q: How can I find out the name of the regional administrator for my region ?
A: Look in the " To contact us " section

Q: I want to change my registration on the site. Once I have finished, what must I do ?
A: Consult the "Modify your record" section to learn about the procedure.

Q: I am registered on the site, and I would like to print out my registration. Is that possible ?
A: That’s an excellent idea. Activate your browser’s Print function before submitting your request. You should also print out the page confirming your password.

Q: Who will have access to my registration form ?
A: The only person authorized by Carrefour Capital to access all the information in your registration form is your regional administrator.

Q: How can I recognize a record is an entrepreneur, an investor, a reliever or a venture capital company?
A: For each record the system assigns a number, and for investors this number starts with a 1 (eg 1004389) for entrepreneurs this number begins March 1 (3005459) for companies of venture capital this number begins with a 4 (4000101) and the bullpen this number starts with a 6 (6000154)

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Registered gatekeepers :19
Number of private investors registered :303
Value of available investments :933,241,706$
Number of businesses registered :1080
Number of venture capitalists :48
Total funding available :1,427,932,792$

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