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Numéro de fiche: 3022222
États-Unis, California,
Converge Design Media Group, LLC is a one stop resource for high quality digital media production, eco-sensitive sustainable furniture and product design, licensable audio production, commercial marketing, and interactive design services. We specialize in producing short-format documentary & lifestyle films, engaging OTT brand-integrated media, and digital content for the real estate and hospitality industries. Through our interactive design and design consultation services, we produce rich web experiences that captivate through traditional and mobile platforms.

As a strategic promotional partner, we look to utilize our expertise in identity branding, market segment specification, interactive design engagement, and commercial digital media production. By application of each discipline in tandem, our goal is to drive valuable growth to our partner’s business objectives in three specific categories: Exposure, Impression, and Sales.
205 002$ +/- 68 334$
Converge Design Media Group, LLC is comprised of three major brands which showcase our diverse capabilities as a production group:

DigitaLiving Music:
A music production and music licensing brand focused on creating standalone releases as well as licensable audio for film, commercial, and digital video media.

Reside Modern Lifestyle Accessories:
A line of sustainable handmade furniture pieces and accessories created from reclaimed woods and materials. The brand looks to expand its' footprint within the ecologically responsible design space to create larger furniture pieces and environments based on the core philosophy.

Modern Male TV:
Our premiere brand, Modern Male™ is a digital marketing platform in the form of an online lifestyle channel aimed at encouraging the pursuit of an elevated quality of living for the aspiring gentleman. Through original brand-integrated short-format film and third-party digital video content, we explore all elements of life that provide avenues for positive modern living in an engaging cinematic presentation.

Our video content spans the genres of culinary, luxury hospitality and travel, fashion, automotive, wellness, and much more. We feature short film segments showcasing automotive manufacturers, hotel properties, travel destinations, interviews and profiles on influencers and heads of industry, and much more to entice and inspire quality living, as well as drive traffic to and increase sales for our third-party featured partners. As an independent streaming and marketing platform we are positioned to take full advantage of the continual rise in subscription-based digital streaming media and Over The Top (OTT) streaming platforms.
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Digital Streaming Media
Prédémarrage- start up
Subscription-based OTT streaming, consumer goods (eg; fashion, product), hospitality, restaurant, residential
Netflix, Tubi TV, New TV, Curiosity Stream, Hulu, Life & Thyme, GQ, Esquire
Darius Nathaniel (Founder Converge Design Media Group / Modern Male TV)
A seasoned digital media producer, marketing strategist, interactive designer, and product designer with a firm understanding of digital content production and ecological production practices. A passionate designer and creator with positions previously held within the private and government-level sectors as Senior Project Manager, Senior UX Designer in the aerospace industry, and currently heads CDMG as Creative Director developing projects ranging from interactive web experiences to short and feature-length documentary films.
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