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Detailed informations of a business project

Record number: 3022219
Brazil, Minas Gerais,
I have the idea of ​​a mobile App that will revolutionize the transfer of information between people and greatly improve people's lives

I only need a partner investor to fund the development of Mobile App
60$ +/- 12$
The main goal is to do something good for society.
This mobile app will revolutionize people's lives, will impact and improve people's daily lives.

As I have only the idea but I do not have capital, I need a partner investor for the idea to come true
To determined
Mobile App
The goal is for the App to have a wide scope. It will be useful to the entire population
No similar App has yet been detected. It will be an innovation in the area of ​​information traffic
Hiring a company specializing in developing App
Assets: 0$
Liabilities: 0$
Fiscal year Sales Net earnings
Three years ago (Y-3) 0$ 0$
Two years ago (Y-2) 0$ 0$
Last fiscal year (Y-1) 0$ 0$
Forecast actual year (Y0) 0$ 0$
Forecast next year (Y1) 0$ 0$
Forecast year after(Y2) 0$ 0$
I need an investor partner to hire a company specializing in mobile App to make an App that will revolutionize the traffic of information between people and thereby impact on people's lives.
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