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Record number: 3022148
United States, Colorado,
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Two cornerstones, Cannabis & Coffee
Restaurants, health
Gourmet Coffee, properly prepared and handled with professional care toward the optimum effectiveness in beneficial consumption.

Epicurean Cannabis, quality and responsible growers and grow-ops looking to produce for the benefits of health in plant and consumer, obtaining the best flavor, and greatest production of cannabinoids.
At home brewing, single cup brewers, instant coffee, gourmet coffee competitors, at home espresso machines, and drip coffee machines, all have an edge, to counter this edge at our café, we stick to the health reasons for both cannabis and coffee, they combine within a menu geared toward flavor from both sides of our business. In addition, a medically driven gourmet coffee menu is what will drive our company to the forefront. While other dispensaries are focused solely on medical benefits of medical marijuana and marijuana alone, we combine both in the drive to benefit all rather needing a calm focus boost, to aid in a fight against disease with preventative additives, or just for relaxation.
Experienced customer service leader, knowledgeable in coffee and cannabis. Dispensary Trainee certified. Extensive cafe, bartending and first hand bud-user experience.

College graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Creative expert, Marketing experience, self published fiction writer.
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If interested, extensive highly researched business plan available for review if concerned/interested.
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