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Détail du projet d'affaires

Numéro de fiche: 3022010
Kenya, Central,
The project involves Agriculture with the gated farming strategy. Gated farming strategy has the following advantages

1.Gated farming helps in cutting costs in terms of shared resources
like water and operation costs which would have been very high for an

2.Gated farming helps build a social capital by involving different
groups of individuals who share different opinions with the same goal.

3.Profits are guaranteed since the products are grown as per demand in
the market and the products are marketed before planting.
This mode of farming attracts higher profits since the products are
not sold in desperation.

4. In Gated farming farmers joins hands and work together in a non
competitive basis. There is one source of guidance in terms of sales
and marketing and also in general operation logistics.

5. The strategy covers the entire value-chain: from seeds, to farming
methods and linkage to markets to ensure that the interest of all
stakeholders are protected.
504$ +/- 33$
The total cost and funding required is 180,000. The expected returns depends on the crops grown in a give season since some crops perform well during rain season while other perform well in dry periods. The
profit margin and returns on investment is therefore negotiable / flexible. From the feasibility studies done from the pilot project,it is clear that this is a viable venture and the interested investor will get good returns on his investment.
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50 %
Prédémarrage- start up
70% of the market segment has not been penetrated. This is what this business is focusing on.
Not applicable.
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I prefer funding that has no upfront payments / fee. If debt funding, I would request unsecured funding with a 10 years term, with interest only repayable annually (due to seasonal income from Agriculture) and the principal amount be re-payed at the end of the term. The required amount is 180,000 Sterling Pounds.
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