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Record number: 3022001
United States, California,
We are going to create an energy product which will produce an AC current locally. This is a standalone device that uses a small amount of solar DC power to create AC power. You can plug in your devices to charge without the need for the grid. A scale-able version will allow you to power your appliances through this device. Imagine plugging in your refrigerator into a device and never having an energy bill.
3,209,414$ +/- 641,883$
We estimate that a $2,400,000 investment will have a return of 2x within 3 years and a 5x return within 6 years.
To determined
Engineering of a new energy device.
Energy, environment technology
Homeowner market expanding to consumer and industrial markets.
14 years electronics experience.
Assets: 0$
Liabilities: 0$
Fiscal year Sales Net earnings
Three years ago (Y-3) 0$ 0$
Two years ago (Y-2) 0$ 0$
Last fiscal year (Y-1) 0$ 0$
Forecast actual year (Y0) 0$ 0$
Forecast next year (Y1) 0$ 0$
Forecast year after(Y2) 0$ 0$
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