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Record number: 3021931
United States, Louisiana,
Sm'ART Choice Arts Workshop will offer children ages 7-16 a constructive outlet to express themselves through visual arts, in a non-judgmental setting, offering encouragement and confidence. This will be achieved through activities such as sketching, painting, etching, sculpting, and other workings of various mixed media.

Sm’ART Choices Arts Workshop is dedicated to fostering confidence and interest in visual arts in children ages 7-16, through individual and group projects, most of which materials will be provided, and taken home for personal display. This may include special seasonal projects, as approved by both the instructor(s) and parents. For those individuals who are monthly patrons, there will be a yearly display, either at the studio, or a location TBA. We encourage total and absolute individual creativity and confidence both within, as well as outside, of the studio. Our atmosphere is non-religious, non-political and non-judgmental, as we have a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy for discrimination/exclusion of children and families of varying creeds, ethnicities, (non) religions, cultural backgrounds, mental capacities, political affiliations, sexual orientations, social standing, etc.
15,001$ +/- 15,001$
Dear Prospective Lender:
We, Brian and Demetress Kellum, owners of Sm’ART Choice Arts Workshop, LLC, are seeking an unsecured $10,000 line of credit to fund a start-up after school care that will primarily focus on the arts in Loranger, Louisiana. Both owners will be actively involved in the day-to-day activities as well as the administrative duties. The location in Shanty Village is conveniently located near the primary schools and along the bus routes.
Our financial plan includes pro-forma statement of cash flows, a breakeven analysis and conservative projections for this startup company. It only takes into account an average 3-hour block unit, but additional income is expected to come from seasonal camps and private parties. Of course, additional hours will be added for homeschoolers and un-schoolers as needed.
The plan shows how easily the debt can be serviced and cash flows within 6 months of opening with 200 3-hour blocks a month – that is about 10 kids per operating day.
10 %
art, service, children, community
Sm’ART Choice offers an (artistic) avenue that is not readily accessible in our area, we feel that that alone is a major marketing asset to our growth as a company; especially when considering the age group that we are targeting (7-16). Our area is sports-oriented. However, with children being as different, individually, as they are interest-minded, not all children prefer physical involvement. And because this is a rural area, many parents prefer their children to have as many interests outside of the home as possible. This is where Sm’ART Choice becomes essential in our community’s alternative needs, and so, we will market to those groups.
There are currently several organizations catering to children ages 7-16, however, these are mainly physical (dance, seasonal sports, youth bowling leagues, etc.). None of these offer mental stimulation through non-physical artistic creativity. There is one (1) other business in the area that offers visual artistic instruction for children. But this is through pre-planned (call-ahead) organization, and is based on availability (Painting with a Twist). Sm’ART Choice specializes in such instruction on a daily basis. And because we intent to stay in our immediate area, its cuts down on travel time to the competition, which is based in a more populated (urban) area. Families who choose rural areas do so for reasons of safety. Our location is in keeping with that core concern.
Demetress Kellum (Primary 1) has experience in artistic knowledge. She will be charged with instruction, projects, lesson plans, ordering and maintenance of materials, behavioral monitoring, as well as any and all aspects pertaining to physical being within the studio. Not only does she have experience in a pre-school setting (Temple Sinai Pre-School in New Orleans from 1998-2001), as well as having raised three of her own children; but she also has experience within the visual arts setting. Mrs. Kellum has attended art classes at Loyola University; and, she has completed several private and public arts projects in the Loranger area, including a large, multi-wall mural at Loranger Middle School (completed in 2005), which is still visible today. As a foundling business, we feel that Mrs. Kellum’s experience will be sufficient in providing the essential needs to the students of Sm’ART Choice Arts Workshop (Max 10-15, at any given time). Of course, the hiring of any additional help/assistants will be done as needed, with the growth of the business and/or enrollment, to be personally trained by Mrs. Kellum during a trial period (as needed).
Brian Kellum (Primary 2) has (15 years) experience in Single and Multi-Unit Management and (15 years) Law Enforcement. He will be in charge of the day-to-day management, marketing, payroll, budgeting, and enrollment aspects of the business. His experience in Single and Multi-Unit Management we help guide the business in the best direction. Mr. Kellum minored in accounting at Loyola University, giving him basic knowledge of financial statements and bookkeeping. His business management has also prepared him for the duties of marketing the business in the most efficient and cost-minded manner. Mr. Kellum’s Law Enforcement experience will assist in quick response to any emergency situation that may arise during the course of a business day.
Both Demetress and Brian Kellum must take an updated certification course in CPR, prior to excepting any clients
Assets: 8,092$
Liabilities: 944$
Fiscal year Sales Net earnings
Three years ago (Y-3) 0$ 0$
Two years ago (Y-2) 0$ 0$
Last fiscal year (Y-1) 0$ 0$
Forecast actual year (Y0) 74,848$ 41,807$
Forecast next year (Y1) 78,591$ 45,853$
Forecast year after(Y2) 82,521$ 48,550$
Keys to Success
At Sm’ART Choice, we feel that our main keys to success will be our commitment to providing a stress-free, relaxed setting to our students (and parents). Not only will this advance a self -confidence in the children, but they will gain a knowledge and appreciation for the arts, that would not normally be readily available in our area. Also, since we have a ‘zero tolerance’ capacity to bullying and/or exclusion, we feel that this will only bolster our goals to the betterment of the children (and the business) as a whole. And, finally, because we will provide most, if not all, materials needed for daily projects, it would prove to be less strenuous for parents (as in, no lengthy supplies lists or last-minute trips to find materials).
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