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Numéro de fiche: 3021892
États-Unis, Texas,
I am in the process of purchasing an established IT F in Dallas, TX.

This niche IT firm provides an array of IT products and services, such as hosted e-mail and managed
servers and switches, primarily to educational facilities in rural markets around the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
500 000$ +/- 100 000$
Great opportunity to purchase an established IT Firm with guaranteed contracts with Dallas, Tx rural school districts. Firm has been in business since 2007.

The “5 Things” you really need to know about this business …
1. The business’ revenue is guaranteed by contracts with school districts lasting three to five years.
2. There is ample opportunity for significant and fast growth with other rural school districts in Texas and other states.
3. Competition is limited because no other IT company focuses on this niche
4. EBITDA margins are exceptional, easily exceeding 50%
5. The business requires very few employees to maintain its revenue and EBITDA.

Purchase Price: $2,500, 000.

I am seeking $500, 000 to help purchase this IT firm. The current owner will finance $500, 000 [With payments delayed for 24 months]. This will allow me to add additional school districts and to increase corporate business.

The company has been approved for SBA financing for the balance of $1,500,000.

The company has 4.2 million dollars in guaranteed contracts through 2020.

I would prefer this to be a term loan, with no investor equity.

Managed Service Provider, Database Svs.
Informatique, professionnel
1) Managed Service Provider [MSP]
2) Database Development and Maintenance [MS SQL Sever, Oracle, MySQL,
MS Azure
3) Email Hosting
4) Remote Desktop Services
4) Niche Market: Rural School Districts in Texas, with expansion into
other states.
Any IT Firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that is a Managed Service Provider such as Geek Squad.

The are no current IT Firms targeting rural school district because of their remote locations.
William McCoy (CEO/President): I have over 16 years in Database Programming. I will oversee entire operation and aid in adding a Database Service line to the business.

Aaron McCoy (Network Administrator): Aaron has over 6 years of experience installing and maintaining Computer Networks onsite and remotely.

The business currently employs two full-time, salaried employees. Other work is outsourced to a well-known and trusted team of independent contractors.

Operations Manager: The operations manager’s primary
duties include running the day-to-day activities of the company. This person is responsible for all accounting (whether done internally or externally), project management, governmental compliance, network deployment, deadlines, filings, and supervising the technical manager.

Technical Manager. The current technical manager has a good basic understanding of all of the technical services the business provides, with a good understanding of servers and commercial IT environments.
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Under Section 20, the liabilities of $177,119 will be paid-off at closing.
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