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Detailed informations of a business project

Record number: 3021847
United States, Georgia,
Over the Top is a unique Wrestling themed Sport Bar Grill/ Nite club Lounge, which is designed to bring interactive participation, enjoyment and memories to all. Our goal is to entertain with a great Nite club, for all who come here, have a dynamic sport atmosphere, with quality food, as well as a positive work environment. The desire is to enjoy a great day or night out at Over the Top for a fantastic Atlanta experience. Over The Top seeks to give you great tasting food and drinks, with live venues, and promotions. All of this, in a safe environment as well as a great, location for everyone to enjoy. Our goal is to be a step ahead of the competition. We want our customers to have more fun during their leisure time.
129,584$ +/- 194,376$
To achieve the goals of having the employees’ staying longer, we feel thru developing and implement a training program that details new-hire activities for the first 60 days on the job thru encouragement and self-satisfaction of job knowledge. Through this training, it should help increase productivity to improve efficiency, as well as customer retention and the employee feeling they belong at a great company. To be able to provide incomes that will help employees, owners and managers to a life that is better than the average for the industry, thru team goals.
• Have one new location operational by Year 3 with a sequential time-line of opening.
• Have a third location open by year five providing all locations revenues are on schedule
• Maintain tight control of costs and operations by hiring quality management at each location and utilizing automated computer control.
• Keep food cost under 32% of revenue.
• Keep beverage cost under 21% of revenue.
• Select only locations that meet all the parameters of success.
• Grow each location to the $700,000- $1 million annual sales levels.
The financial plan depends on important assumptions, most of which are shown in the following table. The key underlying assumptions are:
We assume a steady-growth through economy’s regrowth and new development of the five Points area, without any major recession.
We assume access to equity capital and financing sufficient to maintain our financial needs, as growth of Over the Top’s location.
We assume the continued popularity of sports in America and the growing demand for sports theme venues.
1. Does the company's product or service address a large and growing market need? Yes, the building of new Mercedes stadium, the new Hard Rock hotel, as well as several other offices and condo’s being built in the Downtown locations of Five Points. The huge potential of the N.C. investors building development in the immediate 12 acre location.
2. Can the company scale quickly enough to take advantage of that market opportunity? Yes, with the ability to get in as the development of the immediate 12 acre area and establishing the restaurant and bar as growth of customer base begins within a block of the restaurant/bar. The will be new hotel as well as dorms and condo’s being built, literally in walking distance. We will have a captive customer base because of this growth, as long as we execute our plan as written and provide the quality customer service and entertainment for their needs.
3. Does the company have a defensible competitive advantage? Yes, none in the Atlanta area are currently providing this type of theme / niche, but also there is ability to tailor ours towards any diverse, social and age groups.
4. Can the management team execute on the potential outlined in the first three criteria? Yes, with the diverse backgrounds we have as well as working knowledge of the theme with experience and planning done we will implement our goals and vision. We realize changes to fine tune our theme will be done and provide a superior product when done. Even though we will provide fun for so many customers annual it is a business and we have to adapt as needed for success.

Projected revenue thru expectations for Over the Top with
1st year 3rd year and 5th year expectations

1st yr. 3rd yr. 5th yr.

Gross Sales mo. @ $30,760.00 100.0% Gross Sales mo @ $53,460.00 100.0% Gross Sales mo @ $68,760.00 100.0%
Not including poss. Catering revenue Not including poss. Catering revenue Not including poss. Catering revenue
Tax @ mon. $2,153.20 7.0% Tax @ mon. $3,742.20 7.0% Tax @ mon. $4,813.20 7.0%
GC Sold $150.00 0.7% GC Sold $750.00 0.7% GC Sold $150.00 0.7%
TOTAL $34,760+ $5,000=$29,152 mo. TOTAL $53,460+ $7,000=$60,460mo. TOTAL $68,760+ $7,000=$75,760 mo.
Tot Yr. gross=$417,120+ $60,000 Tot Yr. gross=$641,520+ $84,000 Tot Yr. gross=$825,120+ $84,000
$ 477,120+tax=$ 502,958.40 $ 725,520+tax=$ 770,426.40 $ 909,120+tax=$ 966,876

Server wages yr. = $62,720.00 Admin or Other Salaries $280.00
Servers Labor/Total Sales 16.1% Admin or Other/Total Sales 1.0%
Kitchen wages yr. = $63,960.00 Front of House bar Salaries $24,960
Kitchen Labor/Food Sales yr. 16.8% Front of House bar wage/sales yr. 6.1%
FOH Mgr.Wages yr.$30,198.00 Management Labor/Tota
To determined
0 %
Have a location operational, by Year 3 Have a 2nd
Restaurants, health
Sport Bar/Clubs competition: The top grossing club / bar is located in midtown on Crescent St. in Atlanta. It is called Opera Nightclub, and it is only a night club, yet does have activities for large group fares in place at their location. Looking at the competition that is within a half mile diameter, the true forces to compete on a level field in our goals. These are Hudson Sport Grille close to the dome and Phillip’s arena. There are several on Peachtree St. in the hotel district, Hooters, Hard Rock Café, Atlanta Brave All Star Grill ( opened summer 2015) Meehan’s Public House, Side Bar, Kenny’s Ally Bar, J.R. Crickets, Metro Grill, Atlanta Grill, Twenty Two Story’s, as well as White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails. The Max Lager’s Wood Fired Grill & Bar is near the Civic Center train station. These are the current consumer locals that would possibly offer similar events or food services. Through searching in our area the location and business that is our main competitor is the Hudson Sport Grill as they are located in the prime spot of being closest to the new arena and the football field as well.
Owner and management:

Josh Buck- CEO, LEO Vacations; Manager; floor operations and trainer call center customer accounts verification; payroll and hiring employees
Two years New Mexico State; Business Administration & Management
United Blood Services; Phlebotomist/Supervisor; training and support; proper storage & quality control of all specimens per S.O.P. 20011-2014
Manager Mail Plus; Managed 10 employees, set goals to achieve weekly, set weekly schedules, shipping, mailing and proper S.O.P performed; 5years, increasing goals achieved by 20% for revenue

Robert Williams- COO at LEO Holdings LLC
Manager; floor operations and trainer, receiving and inventory control, customer accounts verification and closing, in-house call center support for telemarketers.
Kaplan University- graduate Business Management 3.62 GPA, minor in restaurant food service, inventory and front of house and back of house management.
Assistant manager- The Forum II, evening shift supervisor, inventory control, customer relations, office management, product knowledge and repairs. Marketing strategies to develop customer base as well as maintain promotion revenue to 5% or less of costs.
Supervisor- Corporate Caterers, morning prep and production for driver deliveries, delivery setups, and customer care and relations on-site. Built 10% increase for customer base
Supervisor- books and audio department, Goodwill Industries Piedmont Rd., Atlanta, production inventory control set up and quality control verification, intake of all departmental products. Developed reputation for knowledge of products with repeat customers base by 25%.

Corey Smith- LEO Vacations Owner, Manager Quality control; training and scheduler; verifying/closer customer verification supervisor; customer relations & retention
Corporate Caters Banquet Cook; supervised 2 prep workers B.O.H.; made daily set scheduled banquets; cooked and prepped menu with care towards presentation and quality.
Production times to equal expected time line or greater by 15% faster output of prep time.
Promotional Director at Gulf Coast Processing
CEO at LEO Holdings LLC
BA (Fine Arts) Digital Film Production

Sonia J. (Jan) Breitenbach- General manager at Olive Garden Ga. 3 years in charge of payroll and employee development, training and hiring with maintaining 35% revenue costs of inventory.
BA Management w/ Minor Marketing
Supervisor of Wares Production Goodwill Piedmont with production time from receiving to sales floor above required 6 runs by having 7-8 runs per hour.
Assets: 0$
Liabilities: 0$
Fiscal year Sales Net earnings
Three years ago (Y-3) 0$ 0$
Two years ago (Y-2) 0$ 0$
Last fiscal year (Y-1) 0$ 0$
Forecast actual year (Y0) 0$ 0$
Forecast next year (Y1) 0$ 0$
Forecast year after(Y2) 0$ 0$
Over the Top: We at Over the Top seek to give back to the community. We will work hard to work within the community to promote a favorable client / consumer base. Become an Industry role model for environmental advocacy, recycle and compost 95% of all waste for farm or landscape compost uses. We will work to have our excess cooking oil, converted to bio-fuel, for environmental protection. Collaborate with local farmers, ranchers, and fisheries to buy their produce for our menus to help reduce trans-fats as much as possible. We will implement detailed training, for all employees, in hospitality, wine and spirits, beer, and food-pairings. Hire qualified experienced and non-experienced, new hires. Work with reentry personnel who may have difficulty getting positions in job industry, thru Federal reentry initiative act. Over the Top wants to help re-build self-esteem, confidence, work ethic and the ability to show and become valuable to society again. We invite you to be a part of a team where your co-workers care about your advancement as much as their own. With the buildup of the five points district area, we will look to be a leader through our company to help make five points a desired and safe venue, in live music, sports entertainment and nightclub life. Over the Top will provide a collaborative work environment, to help employee’s enjoy a harmonious work/life balance for our workers.
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