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Numéro de fiche: 3021839
États-Unis, California,
I have three food products that have never been seen before. I want them on shelves, in restaurants and consumed all over the world.

They are a distinctive sauces or condiment products. I have developed three. One is a spicy chili condiment that can be utilized to mix in while cooking, add to (meals, other condiments,marinades,etc) or just sprinkle on meals. The second is a mushroom onion spread, again that can be added to meals, used as a savory marmalade. And, the third is a Poblano jalapeno sauce that can be used as a sauce, an addition to a marinade, a sauce creator or any other fancy.

I have a couple years in graphic art design and have created the labels. Each label is eye catching and each label works with the other sauce label, enticing the user to buy the other sauce.

I am in the development stage. I have a reputation at work for being the chef. I'm in the mortgage industry. My father was a chef and I learned a lot from him.

I would love an investor that guides this and me, into a sauce world domination.
96 912$ +/- 646$
The per jar cost is $5 to $7.

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condiment, startup, global distribution
Prédémarrage- start up
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