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Detailed informations of a business project

Record number: 3016283
Brazil, São Paulo,
Our company is a manufacturer and a distribution company for the Brazilian Telecommunication market. Based on the engineering skills and a good marketing plan, Kerax has been serving the market and fighting with some big companies, like Andrew (Commscope) and RFS. We provide solutions for the telecom market. Our major customers are the cellular operators, integrator and installer companies. We do installation and homologation of the new products like a service too.
1,000,000$ +/- 250,000$
Since Kerax Telecom was founded, one of our business is to distribute foreign manufactures. Some very well known brands in telecom industry, like PolyPhaser, Transtector, Sinclair, Powerwave are some examples that we represented and distribute in Brazil.
Brazil is booming for new technologies and other markets are using a lot of telecom products, like electricity, oil and gas, surveillance, public safety, digital cities projects, agriculture automation, sugar cane producers and others.
Kerax has a contract with a Canadian Tower manufacturer to distribute in Brazil, the product fits in the market very well because they are small and stocked towers.
Brazilian producers are slow to built a tower and the big companies do not want to produce small towers. So, we have a good gap to fill, it is an opportunity to sell up to 1,000 in 2 years.
For this we need investment to make a marketing action and to buy and import the towers to Brazil.
To determined
Communication Technology Tower
Local Manufactures in Brazil.
Evair Gallardo: Master Science degree in Telecommunication, 20 years experience in the telecom market, graduated in ITA (Aeronautic Technology Institute).
Paulo Camargo: Director of Sales and Marketing with degree in business and 30 years experience in sales and marketing. Worked in Citibank, Accor Group and others.
Daniele Chuery: Financing Director, Master in admnistration
Gisele Amorin: Administration Manager, Lawer.
Assets: 0$
Liabilities: 0$
Fiscal year Sales Net earnings
Three years ago (Y-3) 0$ 0$
Two years ago (Y-2) 0$ 0$
Last fiscal year (Y-1) 0$ 0$
Forecast actual year (Y0) 0$ 0$
Forecast next year (Y1) 0$ 0$
Forecast year after(Y2) 0$ 0$
This is a good opportunity with the growth that Brazil will have for the next 5 years, with all the events and the economy in a good shape.
The profit of this operation and other business it will generate with other products that Kerax has will give us a good growth too.
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