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Numéro de fiche: 3011092
Pays-Bas, Zuid-Holland,
My Product is simple and beats its competition in all 4 Ps by a long shot.

I am looking to import baking mix powder from Japan and sell them to multiple vendors in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

I have a lot of it done, like research, contact with the producer, a global network, some OF it engineers, sales reps and me as a visionary as the king among kings in a very flat and modern business model.

I want to use this product as a cashcow, as it heeds only small amount of starting investment, in order for packaging and server space and other logisitic necessities, but all in all Global Goods will serve as a distributor in this niche market.

The staff and me together are incredibly skilled over virtually any field of expertise. Please contact me quick, for this and more investment opportunities.

Let's start and change the world with Global Goods.
1 500 000$ +/- 375 000$
I need to order some boxes of my powder in order to go meet up the buyers from potential vendors. I have my foot in the door of Aldi, Edeka and other greats as well as the sophisticated network of turkish night shops and several cinemas.

The best of ROI would be a lasting potential partnership with Global Goods. We plan to rapidly expand into 50 markets within the first year of business.

I am looking for daring investors or brilliant individuals who can join the process.
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100 %
Import Export Merge Acquire Spinoff
Prédémarrage- start up
Global Goods is also managing several music acts and other artists. Among them some of the most brilliant minds designing the future today...

We wish to strongly brand our product lines together with vendors and our artists, in order to create peoples branding benefits with the products.
The baking powder is unique and has no competition. Indirect competitors are baking powder manufacturers and in the long run only google, since we want to be the most important mnc in the world
I have a BAchelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Public Management as well as a strong focus on European and Asian Financial Markets...

he acts as visionary and european powerhouse

OTher Managerial partner is Master IT Engineer and has programmed as well as engineered several unique products.

Operating from Puerto Rico, Genius awarded excellency by IBM and Lockheed Martin
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contact me quickly
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