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Numéro de fiche: 3006466
Japon, Tokyo,
tinyHappy International Preschool and Kindergarten aims to provide quality English education to Japanese children ages 3-6 years. Through our original innovative and exciting curriculum (Montessori and Reggio Emilia blend) children acquire English naturally through music and movement, role play, art projects, and total English immersion. tinyHappy International is owned and operated by two qualified native English teachers who, together, have more than 20 years of teaching and musical experience between them.
100 000$ +/- 20 000$
Our actual funding needs are 100K or less. This will cover property rental space, renovation and decor of the space, art supplies, furnishing and equipment as well as 1 year salary for a Japanese employee. Our total project cost is $75,000. In the first year we will allow a class size of 20 children of mixed ages 3-6 years and expect a net income of $150,000. In the second year, we plan to split the class, offering two classes with 16 children each; one preschool ages 3-4 and the second for kindergarten ages 5-6. We project annual income to be $300,000. In Japan there are international schools, but they do not provide results; therefore demand is still high. We expect our school with our proven method and curriculum to be a successful, long-lasting member of the community.
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10 %
English Education
Prédémarrage- start up
Possibility of future branches in other cities in Japan as well as Korea and China or Europe.
Direct competitors include all International English schools in the Tokyo region such as Bilingual Kids, Twinkle Star, Komazawa Park International, Little Minds, and Joy to the World International.
Both owners (who are also the teachers) hold a degree in Business Management, one holds Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education, specializing in curriculum development. Together, the teachers have over 20 years teaching and musical experience in the USA, New Zealand, and Japan.
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