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Detailed informations of a business project

Record number: 3004623
Canada, Alberta,
His Will is a brand new Calgary based company. The intent of our company is to spread the phrase "His Will Be Done" to a wide spectrum of our city and by the Grace of God worldwide eventually. It is my belief that through spreading this short, easily remembered phrase people will become motivated to seek more information about what this means in more detail.
As well, people who may otherwise find difficulty with finding a faith or keeping faith may find some comfort in sharing this message, as the designs will all be in good taste, incorporating the cross and the words "His Will be done" on each of the clothing items we sell. Even as the company grows, the designs will remain simple and specific to the message we wish to spread.
The idea for this company is to find a way to spread the word about God, as well as that of recovery for individuals living with addiction. I want to give back to the organizations, who specifically deal with addiction issues, homelessness, poverty, and have a heart for God in our city and cities across the country and hopefully one day the globe.
The most exciting part of this company for me, the owner, is that 100% of all profits of the clothing items, above expense costs, will be donated to the organization/charity choice for purchasing group or individual; if church "A" purchases 200 items, 100% percent of the profit from sale will be donated directly back to that church or charity of their choice.
In terms of no “organization” being designated, all profits will be provided to Central United Church’s Recovery and Outreach ministry and as we grow serving Churches and Organizations alike the designation of funds can be designated elsewhere.
100% of the profits from individual sales will go to Central United church's recovery and outreach ministry. If an organization designates a specific charity outside of their own, the 100% will be given back to the organization who has made the purchase in order that may donate said amount and receive the appropriate tax receipt for their donation.
As part of His Will (inc) I also act as consultant for several different areas of charity/non-for-profit work and the fees attached to the consulting work are on a sliding scale depending on budget, project outline, and costs accrued to myself and any partners I may require to fulfill the projects.
The specific work includes, but is not exclusive to: working with people and families struggling with addiction and alcoholism, organizing a shelter service for the homeless from the ground up; and providing corporations, small business, individuals with information regarding donating their money to non-for profit charities.
I have a wealth of experience and information regarding programming, operations, and the political climate regarding all of the different areas mentioned above and want to help companies, small businesses and individuals make informed decisions. I also have many years experience working with people suffering from addictions as well as being a registered social worker.
As described in the history of His Will, which we can send to you, my heart is with serving the homeless population and recovering addicts, as a part of my ministry yet not limited to it, His Will is open to all forms of ministry or secular involvement. While I will be maintaining employment in this specific field, I wish to follow through on a seed that I believe was planted years ago in my mind by God, soon after He provided me with the people and guidance I needed to both become sober and see His works through those people.
We look forward to forming a partnership with you, as we move ahead in our brand new opportunity of raising funds for different groups interested in being a part of a solution.

35,000$ +/- 7,000$
With His Will, we project the cost of start up, with product, license and incorporation,marketing and fees the total would come to 35,000.00. With this we can then purchase our product and market our product and services correctly and start with spreading His Will. We know right now that there is a very high interest in our company, as our demos have done well with getting His Will out to the public. The benefits to our investor is that it is a low investment which would be returned in a moderate speed, and knowing that they would be in the help of spreading His Will and keeping alive so many programs.
To determined
0 %
clothing, consulting
With His Will, there are many different approaches to take with marketing. As, there are many different organizations, churches and outreach and recovery places and programs available to everyone. This makes the marketing of His Will very wide. As well, with The Cross, being our centre, this symbol is something in which most people can identify with, of most any faith or non faith. There are just under 20,000 churches in Canada alone, with 40,000 in the USA. There are countless recovery and outreach, programs available either through the churches, on there own or non profit. There are youth programs, mens and womens, missions, grief ministry, childrens ministry, family support, and so on. In the world in which we live today, there is a high chance that one of the programs in which are stated above has touched someone in their family, friends co works and so on. There are three "mail" marketing, one being fundraising for these and other programs, the family and friends that have been touched and effected by recovery and outreach, and the by stander, whom sees our product and would like to purchase. With Davids consulting there are many smaller locations in which would like to start up a program and have no knowledge on doing so, there are many businesses in which would like to donate and have no or little knowledge of doing so. David would then help them as they need.
Our competition is difficult to define because of our multi-layered approach to the market. We are new and unique and much directed with our goals for His Will. Because we are incorporating three specific different designs to launch with and several different retail approaches, we will also be in direct competition for those consumer dollars. With the direct contact and solid background within the Christian community we will use this to our advantage, as well as the reasoning behind the product. A T shirt is read over 3000 times, which means that of His Will shirt will have been shared up to 3000 times, with the potential to not only change lives forever, but to have the same opportunity to have more of a consumer base.

There are many different T shirt companies out there, promoting God’s will. However, from our research there are none that are directly promoting His Will for the reasons in which we are. Our completive aspect is large in some degree to get the public to know about our product and yet small in that we are the ones to have His Will. We do offer a few different angles in which many companies do not. The story behind His Will for one, as it has a double story that needs to get out. That we are going to be donating 100% to start with to different organizations and church’s, the first starting with Central United in Calgary, and moving forward as we grow.

With all the websites out there that sell directly for t shirt products and so on, we plan to utilize these sites. As from our research there are many that allow a company to sell their product on their site, and this would allow us to reach a broader range of customers.

There are many different consulting companies as well, however from our research there are none that stand for what it is that we believe in, nor are they interwoven in with the ministry we are seeking to do. With David’s background and solid knowledge this is to our advantage. As with His Will, we are multilayered in that we are not just one but several different approaches to spreading His Will.

David, has been employed in the not for profit organization for the past twelve years. He brings with him planning and facilitating budgets, oversight of all departments, management, business, marketing and financial analysis and planning. With David’s strong and personal understanding of the Recovery and Outreach programs, involvement with charities and strong ties too many different organizations throughout Calgary alone will prove to be inestimable. David will serve as President/Owner

Tara, has been employed in the not for profit organization for a short period of time. With her she brings marketing, sales customer service and research. She will be doing the behind the scenes work of customer service, marketing, research, production and shipping. With her strong ties to different Christian organizations across Canada, will be a major asset. Tara is currently enrolled in her Commerce Degree, which will be a major asset in the future of His Will. Tara will serve Co-Owner/Vice President

Assets: 1,200$
Liabilities: 0$
Fiscal year Sales Net earnings
Three years ago (Y-3) 0$ 0$
Two years ago (Y-2) 0$ 0$
Last fiscal year (Y-1) 0$ 0$
Forecast actual year (Y0) 211,635$ 119,824$
Forecast next year (Y1) 529,087$ 299,560$
Forecast year after(Y2) 740,723$ 419,384$
History of His Will

His Will began when David,the owner, stopped drinking and using drugs in August of 2004. It was at first a fantasy in his mind, based on the principle of "His Will, not mine..."
Of course the very beginning stemmed from David's strong faith in God as a small child, which was cultivated through the years. No matter what crisis befell David, or circumstance in which David befell and created chaos from nothing, he believed from an early age that somehow things would work out for all involved if he and they remained close to God.
He flirted with the old religious notion of seeking perfection as the only pathway that would bring him close to God, but often saw with clarity of faith and spirit by the Grace of God just how unnecessary and impossible that feat was. Through the frustration of constant attempts to somehow keep himself from being human, the clarity began to come over time, as looked up from the bottom.
His faith was strengthened immediately upon sobering from the drink and drugs. David was able to identify just how much of the struggle in staying sober was taken away when he was able to surrender to the facts of his alcoholism and drug addiction, and to the larger than life reality that God's Will could save him where his own had failed so often.
David has been involved in the ministry through his faith in God for 12 years. When asked by a colleague, "How have you managed to stay so long?" David's answer is generally the same line, "With breaks here and there, and a constant faith that God knows better than I do of where I belong." David's ministry is one of serving homeless families with Inn from the Cold in Calgary, Alberta.
Inn from the Cold and its strong connection to several different church organizations of multi-denominational foundations has led David to an even stronger belief in the power of God's Will working, not only in his own life but in that of the volunteers who make up numbers close to 4500 city wide and the guests who they serve nightly.
"One of the most amazing things I have seen through the years... no matter denomination of faith from the different churches, or if it is a group of volunteers from any number of organizations outside of the faith community, God is at work through them and their kindness... in a world that appears hell bent on self destruction, you find pockets of these human beings they must be celebrated and admired, which often I do sometimes quietly sometimes vocally when the opportunity presents itself... from it all I know that God is alive and well in all of us," said David when asked about one the things that keeps him coming back every day, "honestly, I am stubborn and a bit slow and I often require seeing in order to make a belief stronger. Every time I go to work at The Inn, I see God's work through people of all make and description belief and non-belief alike. And my heart sings for the guests we serve and for one another because of it."
"His Will" intends on bringing to life a very real and alive sense that God is not only alive and well, but that through His Plan we will, as human beings serve that greater purpose we seek so fervently in our day to day lives. When a man, woman, or child can sit in the chaos of any day and see that whatever the outcome might be, we are only to do our part the best we can and let go and let God do his. That in the end we may not understand what His intentions are, but we may be able to see where our intentions might not be as pure as we once imagined.
As people, we are amazing in our resiliency to stress, struggle, and strife. The difficulty of being human has been well documented from biblical times until today in all facets of the media. The triumph of our spirit has also been documented right along side. Why is this? To show that through the darkness there is light of course, or why would anyone participate at all? What we each make of the light is up to us, but I understand this light to be that of God's Will breaking through our self will, self-seeking way and selfishness when in every fox hole is found a true believer and the atheist does not exist.
What David hopes to gain from His Will is to give Central United Church’s Recovery and Outreach Ministry 100 % of all after expense profit. Initially this was conceived that he would build up profits over time and increase percentages for the above mentioned program over the course of 5 years; in order to maintain the ability to purchase and order more garments for sale, hence more monies could be donated. After long deliberation however, he woke one morning and realized that he simply needed to make it immediately what the vision entailed from the beginning. A 100% for God Company.

Phase one of our marketing plan will focus on the sale of high – quality unique clothing. We know our products are already in demand by fundraising groups for various functions we are starting with four different cuts of shirts. With three different designs. All of which are centered around our logo of the cross with “His Will” under the cross.
We do have pictures of our first set of product in which we would gladly share with you.



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