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We are a leading manufacturer of Dye Sensitized Thin Film Solar Technology with manufacturing facilities based in Cardiff, Wales.

G24i is a four-year old startup which has just shipped its first commercial grade product approximately three months ago.
250 000$ +/- 50 000$
As part of our effort to maintain our technology leadership in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) and turn G24i into a global enterprise we have been looking for strong Asian industrial and commercial strategic partners to collaborate with us to further expand our manufacturing, technology platform, supply chain, provide capital, and access to the growing Asian and Indian market places.

Our Board of Directors has engaged the services of one of our shareholders, Morgan Stanley, to assist in the negotiations of several large commercial/industrial companies that have expressed a strong interest in investing in G24 Innovations and contributing significant resources to expand the company and its technology platform.

The investment project being offered here is to participate in a private equity investment alongside such a stratgic investor.
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solar photovoltaic dye
Énergie/technologie environnementale
G24i today, is looking to leverage its extremely light-weight, flexible, low-light attributes for mobile power battery applications such as E-paper, OLED, consumer electronics, indoor DC systems to power IT standby and phantom power, electric vehicles, etc.
Dye Sensitised Solar Cells are:

• extremely flexible and lightweight and the closest man has come to replicating photosynthesis.

• very efficient at producing electricity indoors and the solar cell can be tuned to different light spectrums such as LED lighting, fluorescent lighting, incandescent lighting, etc.

• also printable which is key for applications on electric vehicles

• also one of the few solar technologies that has the ability to compete with nuclear or coal power. The carbon footprint and energy payback is less than 6 months.
Our management team and board of directors are draw from a range of relevant industries. Our CEO, John Hartnett, was #2 at Palm Inc before joining us. Our manufacturing and engineering team is lead by John Meschter who gained extensive coating and roll to roll manufacturing experience whilst at Polaroid. Our board of directors includes our founders Mr Stevenson & Mr Hertzberg who have extensive experience of setting up and running solar businesses. Mr Mickey Kantor and Mr Rijkman Groenink add significant political and financial experience and calibre to the board.
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We are aiming to complete this investment project by 31 March 2010
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